Hair Loss Prevention

  • Avoid hairstyles that pull on the hairline

  • Ditch hair tools that use high heat

  • Be wary of chemical processing

  • Peruse your pantry

  • Use hair products targeted to restore hair growth

  • Consider a topical medication

  • Don’t skip the scalp massage

  • Consider essential oils

Frequently Asked Questions

Costs vary depending on each unique individual’s goals and expectations and the number of procedures needed. With financing, many patients can get their hair back for an minimal investment. On average, the total cost per procedure ranges from 35000/- to 45000/- for 2500 to 3500 grafts .

Hair restoration goals and expectations vary from person to person. About 85 percent of our clients only have one procedure / session , the remaining 15% have two sessions or more. The extent of your hair loss and your desired density will determine the number of hair transplant procedures necessary to achieve the results you want.

We provide a proprietary post-surgical care program to maximize the results of your hair transplants which includes routine antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets for just 5 days . After that no requirement of any maintenance dose or to meet us. Our patients happily send us his photos after 3-8 months and says he is happy now.


Hair Transplant Aurangabad is known as reliable, superior and advanced hair service provider with a proven track record of firm growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Hair Transplant Aurangabad which are not only competent to perform the hair transplant services but also research and develop new procedures for implants which are designed keeping in mind minimal unique and budget-friendly cost of hair transplant.

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